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Hesman Studio

​Hesman Studio was established with the goal of turning Vietnam's Hero Hesman into a superhero with a strong influence, on par with superheroes from other comic worlds of the world. With the goal of bringing Hesman's image into many different fields such as cinema, animation, digital assets, collectible toys, fashion, etc., Hesman Studio aims to promote the Vietnamese spirit and make every Hesman fan in Vietnam a factor in spreading the project to the international community.
Hesman Studio hiện đang giữ quyền sở hữu trí tuệ của bộ truyện tranh Dũng sĩ Hesman. Các đơn vị hiện được phép sử dụng các tài sản liên quan bao gồm:
  • Hanoi Book Joint Stock Company: Copyright of paper books
  • TiredCity Co., Ltd (a fashion brand with products involving copyrighted works): Exclusive collection of T-shirts
  • Comicola Joint Stock Company (the only copyrighted comic platform in Vietnam): Producing digital comics, Hesman toy models.
With the direct advice of artist Hung Lan, Hesman Studio will accompany the artist to launch many other products to recreate Hesman's image after 30 years and continue to build the value of the series in the heart of the generations.
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The development team consists of specialists in programming and game development, with many years of working together for outstanding game products Ga Chien, Phong Van Mobile, Tinh Vo Lam, Dai Su Huynh, etc.