Years ago, the Garrison galaxy was engulfed by the invasion of the Doom Empire. With superior technology, the Doom army is extremely powerful and aggressive. Under the power of Doom, the Garrison galaxy is on the verge of destruction.
Facing a dangerous situation, the leader summoned the most elite warriors, forming the Galaxy Alliance. Leading this force is a legendary group of warriors and the robot Hesman.
Hesman, with his famous lightsaber, repelled the Doom army from Garrison. However, this battle broke the lion's heart - Hesman's energy source - to pieces. With no energy left, the 5 lions that make up the robot Hesman began to separate and drifted across the universe.
The peace of the Garrison Galaxy was not long, when the great Doom gathered his army, plotting to invade again. This time without Hesman, the Galaxy Alliance is in danger of being destroyed. Captain Kieft sets out to find the lion, in the hope of finally saving the galaxy...