Intellectual property

The intellectual property rights to Hesman 1992 series allow the project to develop a comprehensive ecosystem. Hesman Legend is deployed on the blockchain platform, turning entertainment products into the form of NFTs that are very popular today. Carrying on the mission of pioneering NFT projects to bring Vietnamese artworks to the international market, Hesman Legend aims to become the first project built from an adapted comic series that have implanted into the hearts of the 80s and 90s reader generations.
Intellectual property rights secure the legal and commercial benefits of the project and investors, contributing to every aspect of the development and formulation of competitive strategies. In addition to the NFT issue, the team will bring Hesman into the movies and release series-related items such as character figures, toys, fashion products, souvenirs, and more. Moreover, the plot and characters in Hesman will be included in other game projects and ecosystems to expand the coverage and spread the story and spiritual values of Hesman to the domestic and international community of comic lovers.