Character system

Hesman Legend has a diverse and beautiful general system, with 6 main modules. Each character has a unique background story that helps the character to come alive and have depth. The hero's past in Hesman Legend is the basis for the characteristics that the character possesses.
Hero characteristics:
  • Classify
  • Rarity
  • Equipment
  • Skill


All heroes in the game is divided into 6 main levels of rarity according to the letter B, A, C, S, SS, SSS. These 6 levels will have corresponding colors for players to recognize, the more eye-catching color the Hero has, the higher the random index.
Common Hero: a hero in a white-bordered card with low stats.
Uncommon Hero: a hero in a blue-bordered card with average stats.
Rare Hero: a hero in a purple-bordered card with high stats.
Epic Hero: a hero in a yellow-bordered card with high stats.
Legendary Hero: a hero in a red-bordered card with extremely high stats.

Character stats

Characters have different strengths and weaknesses that make up a separate set of stats for each hero. Here is a list of metrics:
HP is the amount of Heroes' health.
The heroes' energy stat determines whether they can use the Passive proc skill or not. The recovery rate depends on the energy recovery stat.
Energy Recovery
The stat shows the hero's mana recovery rate per second. This stat only works in the battlefield.
The rage stat when full is used to activate the skill Active.
Attack stats are the ability of dealing damage to enemies.
Defense stats represent the ability to withstand damage, reducing the performance of attack stats.
Critical Strike
The probability of a critical attack. The critical strike will deal an enormous amount of damage to the opponent.
Critical damage level
% increasing damage when performing critical attack
Character's attack accuracy
Ability to dodge the damage taken for 1 turn
Attack speed
Character's Attack Speed Stats
Movement speed
Movement speed of characters in the battlefield
Fire resistance
Fire resistance reduces fire damage to characters
Ice resistance
Ice resistance reduces ice damage to the character
Electrical resistance
Electric resistance reduces electrical damage to the character
Poison Resistance
Poison resistance reduces poison damage to the character.
Fire damage
This stat only appears on character skills.
Ice Damage
This stat only appears on character skills.
Electric Damage
This stat only appears on character skills.
Poison Damage
This stat only appears on character skills.