Hesman Legend game

Hesman Legend acquires the copyright of original content and images from Artist Nguyen Hung Lan - author of the comic series Dũng sĩ Hesman. The game is built with a character system and plot based on the new generation of card battles, real-time combat with many features of extremely intensive character development.
Joining the mobile game Hero Hesman, players will play as one of the commanders of the Galaxy Garrison, then collect heroes and strengthen forces to fight in order to protect the galaxy from the empire of the Doom and other dark forces. Players will explore to find the giant robot Hesman, and fight through different regions and planets together.
After rounds, players will collect more heroes as well as more giant robots/ characters along with more and more advanced and modern equipment and weapons. At this time, players can increase the strength of their squads by recruiting stronger characters, choosing more advanced equipment, refining equipment to increase the index of equipment and characters, letting the characters learn new skills or upgrade existing skills of them, etc.
Built on different platforms such as PC, Android, and iOS, Hesman Legend belongs to the idle game genre that combines role-playing strategy with quality graphics, eye-catching effects and an interesting plot that sticks to the adventure of Hesman in the original comic series. Players can immerse themselves in the world of Hesman to fight together, perform quests and participate in events to receive fascinating in-game items or exchange for valuable items in real life.