Hesman Shard Token

The main token of the whole ecosystem
Token specifications
What is the HES token used for?
In-game activities
Hesman Shard (HES) is the main token of the whole ecosystem. This is the premium token used for summoning heroes through the Gacha feature. The token also serves as a reward for top players. Using HES tokens, players can upgrade their heroes or purchase in-game assets such as rare heroes and items on the marketplace.
Holders can lock HES in the Governance vault and participate in governance discussion and voting.
Exclusive Earning Opportunities
Through partnerships, we regularly provide token rewards from our Grazing Range program available only for HES holders who lock their tokens in the governance vault.
Exclusive Access
We are planning to integrate HES tokens with actual utility into the platform. Users will have to hold HES tokens in order to benefit from this utility, as well as to gain access to some of the privileges in the first place, along with other exclusive items such as real-world Hesman merch.
The community is allowed to decide on the system's business model issues , e.g., the subject for voting could be a certain % of fees generated go to perform token buyback and burn.