The Hesman DApp will include the basic functions of a regular DeFi platform as well as other features developed in accordance with the project model.


  • Easily buy, sell, trade Hesman Shard token and tokens of collaborative projects.

Farming - Staking

  • Provide liquidity or hold Hesman Shard tokens for more automatic income or stake NFT to get Hesman Shard tokens.

Issue Hesman Investment Certificate NFTs

  • 10,000 Hesman Investment Certificate NFTs will be released on the project's DApp. Please see the section of Investment Certificate NFT for more details.

NFT management

  • Collect and manage, trade, exchange NFTs with other users.


Own Hesman Shard token and NFT to enjoy many benefits such as:
  • Convert NFTs into original comics, character figures, acquiring tickets to movie premieres, etc.;
  • Participate in promotions and receive limited rewards from the project and author;
  • Get priority to experience the game and receive special in-game items.